Friday, 28 September 2012

Fund Raiser Tonight

Hi everyone.  I have been very busy knitting away more than usual these past few weeks.  I am preparing for a fundraiser for a local girl who has been going through a very difficult time.  I have posted her story below and I hope that you take the time to read it.

A very dear friend of mine is opening her home to a number of Mom-preneurs and we are all working together to help raise money to make this little angel's dream come true.  

Now the knitting is done - well it is never done but I have enough things prepared that hopefully I can get some sales which will all go towards the purchase of the iPad.

It does not take a lot of effort to do a lot of good.  Knitting which I enjoy is so easy for me to do that it feels good to be able to use it to help others.

Keep your sticks clicking.


Here is Kathryn's journey:

Kathryn is 9 and was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Stage IV in June 2008 at 5 years of age. She underwent 10 months of intensive treatment including 12 surgeries, 8 rounds of high dose chemotherapy, two bone marrow transplants and 12 rounds of radiation. She was in remission for 17 months. Unfortunately in September 2010, the cancer returned in two lesions on her spine. We were told at that time that she would never be in remission again and they were giving her quality of life. Despite their comments, after 24 rounds (5 days per week every 3 weeks) her scans showed there was no evidence of disease in February 2012. She underwent 10 rounds of radiation to her spine to help ensure that the cancer cells were gone. In August after another set of scans showing no evidence of disease, her oncologist told us that she had applied to the National Institute of Health in Washington DC to ask for compassionate use of a new therapy (which is now part of the original treatment routine in newly diagnosed kids) on Kathryn. This treatment is called Immunotherapy. It is complicated so I won't try to explain it except to say that it is extremely painful and requires her to be on morphine during the whole time she receives the medicine The purpose of giving her the Immunotherapy is to kill any lingering cells which many have escaped the chemo and radiation and to keep her in remission forever. This treatment is very hard on her and the pain is almost insurmountable at times. She is a Grade 4 student at George Kennedy and plans to attend school full time while not at the hospital getting treatment. It is our goal to make as many of her wishes come true as possible. The iPad is another wish that you are making come true and for that we are truly grateful to everyone. Thanks again for doing such a special think for our brave girl.

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