Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Inspiration - You Just Never Know

Wow, it's true.  You just never know where you are going to find your inspiration.  I was at my favourite Starbuck's this morning when I met this very sweet lady (hi Judy) who was wearing the most incredible shawl.  It was just so elegant and cozy and soft.  Such a great combination.

Anyway, being as shy as I am, I walked right up to her and asked if I could feel it.  Naturally she dumped her latte over my head.  Only joking.  She was kind enough to humour me and allowed me to manhandle her shawl and then she even helped me measure it so that I could plan my pattern in order to create my own version of this shawl.

Now I must figure out if I am going to use a tweed, which is spectacular for the fall, and also if I want to use the twining technique.  So many decisions.  What fun!

Anyway during all this feeling and measuring we traded details and I am very excited to have met Judy from Arbonne and can't wait to get designing now.

Have a great day everyone and remember clicky sticks are happy sticks, so keep your sticks clicking.


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