Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Frogging and Starting Over

Yesterday I posted pictures of the Rococo Shawlee that I am working on.  Last evening I received an errata notification from Annie's Attic regarding an important correction in the pattern.

As I was knitting the shawl I noticed that it seemed very fragile but I attributed it to the light airy feel of the yarn that was being worked up on larger than required needles.  Well apparently my feeling was correct because the correction was that it should be made while holding two strands together.

Now I was faced with the age old knitter's dilemma.  I was one third of the way through the project what should I do?  Yes I had completed a large portion of the project.  It was an awful lot of time to through away but really it was sort of fragile and I had been thinking that it really was not quite as warm as I thought it might be when looking at the original pattern picture.

After thinking about it for a while and talking to my husband who is wise enough to know that he should just nod and suggest that really I should trust my instincts and then just listen.  :-)

So as I was talking it through with him I realized that I still needed to sew the shoulder seams together and the fragile nature of the project and the weight (slight as it may be) would be too much for the stitching and would end up pulling and hanging incorrectly and would not look as nice as it should and I would end up disliking it and never wear it.

So naturally I frogged it (pulled it apart) and restarted.  Here is where I am with it at the moment and I must admit that I love it a lot more than I originally did and I know that once it is done it is going to become a staple of my wardrobe.

Of course my original plan was to finish this in time for our Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday but with all I have going on in the evenings this week, I do not believe it will be completed in time.  Oh well, at least I will love it when it is done.

Tell me your knitting or crocheting horror stories.  Post your tales in the comments section below.

Keep your sticks clicking.


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