Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day Canada

Wow this has been an amazing weekend.  I love Thanksgiving.  Lots of time with the family and a mini vacation in Niagara.  The weather was typical Autumn weather - cool with some rain, mostly at night thankfully.  More reason to be thankful.  :-)

Back to the usual routine tomorrow.  I won't say back to the grind because it is not a grind.  I love the work I do and I love my knitting projects.

I am meeting up with a friend for coffee and I have a gift that I am knitting for her as a thank you for taking care of my dog while I was away this weekend.  I will finish it up tonight and be ready for coffee tomorrow.  These will be mug rugs made in Autumn colours.  I hope she likes them.  I will post another picture when they are complete.  I am also going to be making a set for a friend who is celebrating a birthday this month and she loves this season so they will be right at home in her decor.

When I picked up Roxy I discovered that she and my friends had become a mutual admiration society. She was very excited to see me return but she was also sad to leave her new friends.

I was not a bit jealous but in fact exceedingly grateful for my friend being so loved by my dog because that means that it was not stressful to her and it was a pleasant weekend for my friend as well.

Again more reasons to be thankful.  I am incredibly blessed and am grateful for my family and my friends as well as all my pets.  Yes Roxy has house mates.

This is my second Thanksgiving since I lost my mother but I am grateful for all the wonderful memories I have of her and all the fantastic and funny stories I have of her that I can share.  Including that she is responsible for me being the addicted knitter that I am today.

I hope all of you have had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day weekend and have had the opportunity to enjoy your family and friends as I have.

Keep your sticks clicking.


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