Thursday, 4 October 2012

Nine More Sleeps

So are you going?

I am referring to the Woodstock Fleece Festival of course.  I cannot wait.  I have not been to this event but I hear wonderful things about it.

My sister lives in Woodstock and she will be at the festival along with the Oxwood Hooking Artisans.  They do amazing work.

I have taken a look at the vendors and man I am so excited.  There are so many that appeal to me the first of which is Cabin Fever.  I love their "No Sew, Minimal Finishing" philosophy.  I love the knitting but when it is off my sticks I want to be done and move onto my next project. Sometimes that is not to be and we need to sew but if I can find a project that avoids that then I am one happy knitter.

So many booths so little time.  The event is only one day.  Whatever will I do.  Should I take classes or devote my time and money to shopping.  Hmmmm.  What to do, what to do?!

Are you going?  Are there other events that you attend?  I would love to hear about them so please post your comments below.   Maybe there are more festivals in my future.

Keep your sticks clicking.


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