Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I Am Caught In A Monsoon

I really wanted to publish this post yesterday but I was so caught up in the business side of my life that time got away from me so here we go today.

Here we are at the beginning of October (one week before the Canadian Thanksgiving) and I am caught in a monsoon.  Not really.  But the yarn that I am working with at the moment is called Monsoon by James C. Brett, and it is spectacularly glorious.  Soft and cozy and a treat to work with.  If you click on the link and then select S6 you will get a great view of the colour that I am working with.  The colours are typically fall colours which I love.

I am using this yarn on my latest project which is called Rococo Shawlee and is available for PDF download from Annie's Attic.  It is an absolute gorgeous piece and I am having a fun time knitting it.  The pattern is quite simple to memorize so this makes for quick work and a go anywhere project.

My favourite projects are the go anywhere type because I do take my knitting everywhere that I go.  In fact if you have read any of my previous posts you know that I take my knitting on all my road trips and get lots done while my husband is driving.

My goal is to have this complete by October 5 and if all goes according to plan then I will have a post ready for you.  In the meantime I have to start gathering all the information on the yarn needed for my next several projects as I am going to the Woodstock Fleece Festival on October 13th.  Can't wait.

Keep your sticks clicking.


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