Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My Dream Project

Well here it is.  I must say that to date, this is my absolute favourite piece that I have knit.  I made it for an absolutely lovely woman who is going to wear it for a photo shoot for her new CD which will be released in the fall of 2012.  I am so thrilled to have been able to help her out.  I would love to tell you who it is but I have to wait to ask her first.  :-)

The photo on the left is the stole being blocked and the one on the right is the finished product.

This stole is made with Mango Moon Di Lusso and the colour is called Midnight.  It is finished off with Mango Moon Silk Ribbon in Chiron.  And I worked with an AddiTurbo 9mm circular needle which was 100 cm long.

I quite enjoy working with circular needles and I find the AddiTurbo needles to be absolutely yummy.  They are smooth as silk.  No pun intended (since I was working with silk.)  As for the length, well I often work in the magic loop so I like to have the long needles anyway and use them for all my projects.   

This yarn and silk ribbon was such a dream to work with.  It was simply scrumptious and worked up a treat on the AddiTurbo.

No I am not promoting either of these products (and yes I did pay for it - no free lunches for me) but I did enjoy them so much that I had to tell you about them in case you are looking for tools to fall in love with.

I would love to hear what tools you enjoy and what your favourite projects are.

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Here's hoping your keep your sticks clicking!



  1. Thank you SO much for knitting this exquisite stole for me. It is stunning and you are incredibly talented. I'm so excited to show you the photos...coming soon! xo

    1. Oh Aynsley we cannot wait to see this pics. I am so excited and thank you for your kinds words. Please tell your friends all about me. :-)