Thursday, 12 July 2012

Summer Classes and Christmas Giving

People love to receive hand knitted gifts for Christmas so now is the perfect time to learn to knit in order to prepare for fall and winter knitting.

Those gifts do not have to be ties, socks or sweaters.  You can many modern items of clothing and even toys.  I have knit dresses, baseballs, purses, as well as socks, slippers and sweaters.  I have also made a toy octopus that is a favourite of the child who received it.

Classes have begun so check out the list of classes on this website and then get in touch with me at in order to arrange a time.

Talk to you soon.



  1. Many Christmases ago your Mom knit a gorgeous sweater that I gave to my Mom as a gift. My Mom is an avid knitter who never received a handmade good as a gift seeing that she was the one making them for everyone else. Let me tell you that when she opened the box and saw what your Mom had made, it brought tears to her eyes knowing that someone took time out of their life to make something for her.

  2. That brought tears to my eyes. It is just the thing that my Mom would do. Thank you for sharing this with me. A hand made gift is very special. So much thought and effort and time goes into them. I am happy to hear that your Mom got such joy from it.

    Feel free to post pictures of your Mom's work here on my blog. I would love to see it. I might get inspiration for more of my designs.