Monday, 16 July 2012

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!,

Okay, I know that today is not Friday the 13th (that is usually a good luck day for me, by the way) but really how can it be that I do not have the needles I need.  I was just sitting down to work on a pair of slippers (magic loop method) when I discovered that despite having what appears to be hundreds of sets of needles, I DO NOT have the size I need.

Okay well technically I do have the size I need (3.5mm) but as I mentioned, I work in the magic loop method so I need a circular needle that is 100 cm long and THAT, I do not have.  Devastation.  No really, I was completely devastated.

Now, it isn't all bad, you see, because now when my BFF, Linzi, and I go out for coffee today, I have an excuse to go shopping.  I hope that I can find the needle I need.

Wish me luck.


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