Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Just One of Those Days

Last night I cast on to make a halter top for myself.  Something I don't often do - knit for myself.  I checked my gauge, my needle size and the weight of the yarn.  All was in order and to the specifications of the pattern  so away I went.

I was starting on the back of the halter and I cast on the 123 stitches required and knit the first row.  Oh gee, this was starting to look a little large for me.   I thought, well, let's give it a go and see what happens.  I continued onto the second row of the lace hem and it was not getting any smaller.  Uh-oh!!  Finally after three rows I stopped and thought I don't know who I am trying to kid but this is not going to fit me.

I held it up to me and was able to wrap it all the way around my body.  Clearly this was not working.  If I had decided to knit it in the round then I would have been just fine but that is not what the pattern called for.

Needless to say I was most disappointed as this has not happened to me before and I was actually doing something for myself.  I was hoping to wear it on a date with my husband.

Oh well, I guess I will have to revisit the pattern and modify it to suit me.

Maybe I will just go back and do those tube socks for babies I was looking at.

Keep your needles clicking.


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